July 20, 2024

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Humanizing Technology to Speed Health Innovation in Alberta

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CALGARY, ALBERTA, May 30, 2024 – Connor Povoledo, the CEO of Wound3, believes there’s a gap in the way wounds are measured, assessed and treated. Clinics and health practitioners often rely on visual and imprecise tools for wound-care. So, he and co-founder, Jacob Damant, started their own company to roll out technology that would improve wound measurement utility. Through a new program called the Innovative Digital Engagement and Tech Evaluation in Alberta (IDEATE), Alberta Innovates and Prairies Economic Development Canada, are helping innovators like Connor and Jacob find technology testers and validators that will help advance their ideas into the marketplace quickly and efficiently.

IDEATE is a digital platform envisioned to revolutionize the health technology industry. A $4.25 million investment, which includes over $2.1 million from PrairiesCan, underscores a commitment to creating new pathways that get innovations to market faster. IDEATE connects health technology innovators with early adopters eager to test cutting-edge solutions. The program aims to bridge the gap in technology evaluation by providing real-world feedback on user experience, usability and utility. IDEATE provides opportunities for the public to be involved in technology development through testing. Through IDEATE, Prairies Canada and Alberta Innovates are putting individuals in the center of the innovation pathway.

The digital direct-to-consumer health market is valued at over $310 billion. IDEATE will not only support economic growth and diversification but also strengthen Alberta as a global leader in digital health. Leveraging digital tools and best practices IDEATE will allow users to interact with emerging technologies, fostering evidence-informed decision-making and building public trust in healthcare innovations.


“Prairie innovators are on the leading edge of developing digital health applications that have the potential to transform healthcare delivery and improve quality of life for Canadians. Through IDEATE, our government is enabling small- and medium-sized technology firms in Alberta’s life sciences sector to navigate regulatory requirements and validate the effectiveness of their digital health technologies in clinical settings—both of which are key to commercializing new medical applications and strengthening the sustainability and long-term competitiveness of the Prairie economy.” 

– The Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan  


“Technology is not just an industry, it is the future of every industry, including healthcare. Our investment into the IDEATE program will help to bring new technologies to market faster and deliver better healthcare for all Albertans.” 

– Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation  


“This investment underscores our collective dedication to advancing healthcare innovation and improving health outcomes. IDEATE not only facilitates connections between innovators and consumers, but also cultivates an environment of collaboration and excellence within the health industry.”

– Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates 


IDEATE Alberta is a unique customer engagement platform that encourages innovators to connect with potential customers early in their design process.

By taking this consumer-driven approach to innovation, company founders and inventors can get critical data and insights into their future target markets, helping them not only de-risk their products but also secure early investment.

IDEATE Alberta leverages Alberta Innovates’ role as a system catalyst and convening point for stakeholders across the innovation pathway, from innovators to investors and general consumers to established ecosystem players.

For more information on IDEATE and how to get involved, please visit ideatealberta.ca.

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PrairiesCan is the federal department that supports economic growth in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Its programs and services help businesses, not-for-profits, and communities grow stronger. Its mandate is to support economic growth and diversification in the Prairie provinces and advance the interests of the region in national economic policy, programs, and projects. PrairiesCan is leading the Government of Canada’s Framework to Build a Green Prairie Economy, which is a long-term commitment to work differently, through stronger coordination among federal departments on investments for the Prairies and closer collaboration with Prairie partners on their priorities for a prosperous and sustainable Prairie economy that leaves no one behind. This Framework is intended to encourage greater collaboration on investment opportunities, leverage additional funding, and attract new investments across the Prairies. PrairiesCan funding for IDEATE is being delivered through the Regional Innovation Ecosystems program. This program creates, grows, and nurtures inclusive regional ecosystems that support what a business needs to innovate from start to finish and provides an environment where companies can innovate, grow, and compete. To learn about our success stories, visit PrairiesCan success stories.