June 14, 2024

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Kistler showcases measurement solutions at MD&M West 2024

Kistler, a dynamic measurement technology company, is showcasing its measurement solutions for plastic injection-moulding, assembly, and testing applications at MD&M West 2024.

Designed to analyse and interpret measurement data in real-time, Kistler’s technologies enable medtech manufacturers to pinpoint key obstacles and resolve them in real-time, optimising manufacturing processes while increasing productivity to meet high quality standards. Kistler solutions comply with FDA and MDR requirements for quality assurance in medical device manufacturing.

The Swiss solutions provider will exhibit several measurement, analysis and testing solutions for medical device manufacturing that optimise process monitoring. Kistler sensors and systems are designed to record the process elements of force, torque, pressure, and temperature directly in the injecting moulding tool or the assembly process. This enables the system to identify even the smallest of defects in real-time and to reliably predict the quality of the process, to achieve zero-defect production through the whole production value chain, from parts production to final assembly.

Kistler’s solutions featured at MD&M West include:

Charge amplifier 5073B 

Kistler’s 5073B measuring amplifier for industrial production features a measuring range that starts as low as 20 picocoulombs. This charge amplifier enables internal summing and weighting of multiple sensor signals, yielding precise data acquisition that can be individually configured. The 5073B also can monitor threshold values and track peak values during production.

SlimLine 9132CD force sensor

Kistler’s piezoelectric ring force transducer is a highly sensitive crystal-based force sensor suitable for measuring very small tensile and compression forces. With up to 9 times higher sensitivity compared to any other slimline force transducer on the market, the sensor suits small force, high dynamic measurement. Its sealed housing makes it ideal for industrial applications. Because SlimLine sensors are very stiff, they are suitable for measuring rapidly changing forces. This combined with its very small dimensions makes it the perfect sensor for direct machine integration. With the special property of the piezoelectric measuring element to provide near-constant measuring accuracy across a wide force range, one sensor can be used for a wide spectrum of forces.

Handheld charge amplifier 5811A mobile measuring instrument

Kistler’s game-changing, versatile handheld charge amplifier with integrated data acquisition can be used wherever mechanical properties are measured with piezoelectric sensors. These mobile measuring instruments enable users to compare and verify the data from various sensors they operate in situ, without dismantling them, saving time and resources. It can be used for monitoring transmitters, Kistler IO-Link devices or any sensor with +/- 10 V analogue output. The handheld charge amplifier records the measured values and visualises the measurement curve on its integrated touchscreen.