July 20, 2024

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Proxiad Health Tech: Driving Healthcare Innovation Through Digitalization

In January 2024, Proxiad SEE launched a new subsidiary, Proxiad Health Tech. A team of IT specialists and biomedical engineers is already working on various projects in the healthcare sector. The company’s goals for this year include attracting new clients and further expanding its expertise and teams in this area.

Q: Why did Proxiad decide to expand into the healthcare sector, and how did the creation of Proxiad Health Tech come about?

Alexander Milev: In recent years, healthcare has undergone significant digitalization. New technologies and artificial intelligence have further advanced the sector, leading to numerous products and innovations. Partnerships with several clients in the field allowed us to closely observe the latest trends in medicine and acquire niche knowledge. The growing need for such expertise led us to expand our current activities and take the next step by establishing a specialized company focused on these needs. Consequently, we created Proxiad Health Tech at the beginning of 2024.

Q: How does Proxiad Health Tech operate, and what will be the company’s main activities?

Alexander Milev: Proxiad Health Tech covers five key elements that provide comprehensive services for healthcare companies: long-standing expertise in software product development; qualified specialists with combined technical and medical education; professional experience with medical devices; solid knowledge of the healthcare sector and certification for working with and trading medical equipment. This brings us forward as one of the few companies offering a combination of all these activities in one place.

Q: How many and what kind of people work at Proxiad Health Tech? What are your plans for expanding the team by the end of the year?

Alexander Milev: Our current team consists of over 45 professionals with broad expertise, serving various departments and divisions of our clients. The roles include Biomedical Engineers, Validation & Verification Engineers, Angular, ReactJS, .NET, C++, Java, Full Stack Developers, Quality Assurance, Azure Cloud Ops, DevOps, UI/UX Designers, Tech Leads, and Delivery Managers. This experience allows us to provide specialized services and meet the specific needs of the market.

By the end of the year, we plan to expand the team by 20%, achieved through a combination of growth in our existing projects and the launch of new initiatives with companies in the sector. As a newly established company, we will also focus on positioning the new brand through various marketing initiatives in Europe and North America.

Q: Are there enough well-trained biomedical engineers? How do you plan to meet future needs?

Alexander Milev: We have enough well-trained biomedical engineers to meet the needs of our organization and clients. On a larger scale, the availability of such expertise is limited as it is a very niche field. This is one of the roles that give us a competitive advantage in the market. For this reason, our plans include organizing an academy to develop such talent internally within the organization.

Q: What are the first projects that Proxiad Health Tech has already implemented or plans to start?

Alexander Milev: The projects we work on in the Health Tech industry are very interesting, and what motivates us the most is their significant impact on people’s health.

One project involves simplifying the large flow of medical data, helping medical professionals obtain meaningful and aggregated information. This includes developing communication drivers for medical devices, solutions for analyzing data streams, and testing communication modules.

Another project focuses on improving clinical supervision by providing real-time monitoring in various healthcare facilities. It integrates detailed data from all connected devices, offering a comprehensive view of the patient’s condition and personalized notifications. This plays a crucial role in overcoming overload in complex hospital environments by providing healthcare teams with reliable and timely patient indicators during transport, enabling informed decisions.

We also work on managing medical data collected from various medical devices attached to patients in hundreds of hospitals. Our teams created a module responsible for processing this data, aiming to improve patient care, increase hospital efficiency, and support healthcare providers with real-time access to critical medical information. All development and equipment testing are carried out in Proxiad SEE’s offices.

Another key aspect is that we are a certified Qlik partner. We are developing sophisticated yet user-friendly visual tools to enable pharmaceutical companies to monitor the Sales Force Effectiveness of their medical representatives.

Q: Do you plan to expand activities with new projects and clients, and in which areas?

Alexander Milev: This is the primary goal for creating Proxiad Health Tech. Our strategy is to continue building on our existing expertise in various technological areas of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We will maintain a strong focus on medical devices and data processing, telemedicine, digital tools that process health information securely, digital platforms including medical solutions and services, and health data processing and analysis.

Q: What are the long-term development plans for Proxiad Health Tech?

Alexander Milev: Our long-term goals are to establish Proxiad Health Tech as a hub with comprehensive expertise in the healthcare sector, providing complete and integrated services that meet the individual needs of companies in the sector. We are ready to face the challenges ahead and create partnerships that lay the foundation for new products and innovative solutions.